Four is a gallery and a workshop located the central parts of Göteborg, Sweden. Four is a platform for discussions about art, jewellery, work and inspiration. The aim is to communicate jewellery art and to communicate with jewellery - making it visible and easy to access for a broad audience. The gallery presents some of the highlights from the jewellery scene, showing both international and Swedish, well established and emerging artists. The ambition is to provide a diverse program interesting both for hard-core jewellery enthusiasts and visitors who are new to this art genre.

Foto: Lasse Karlsson



I tend to use paper or blank metal sheets as a starting point for my jewellery. These foldable materials urge for my attention and I love their possibilities. Paper especially has the expressive qualities that I'm looking for and is both light and flexible. I find there is something meditative in cutting and folding hundreds and hundreds of paper pieces, which I then use as building blocks in the construction of my jewellery.

I am fashinated by delicate but rough surfaces like seaside barnacles or rock lichens and I see my jewellery as a manmade growth to dress the body. The human body’s ability to both amaze and dismay captivates me so the idea of people wearing my pieces as an extension of themselves is intriguing.

I grew up on the west coast of Sweden aiming to be a painter, but when I discovered the field of art jewellery I was stuck. I started at the jewellery department at HDK, School of Design and Crafts, in Gothenburg Sweden 2006.




Multiplicity and recurrence attract me. I create structures and rhythms using small elements to build dynamic patterns.

Since I was a kid I have had a strong interest in animals, especially fish and birds. I love their shape, their movements and the pattern of the feathers and scales and their exceptional behaviour. My latest pieces are made of plastics collected from garbage containers and ditch-banks. I keep my eyes open when I go to the hairdresser; I search in my friends’ bathrooms and fridges – you have to be observant if you are going to find that perfect jewellery material. The plastics still has traces from the consumer society, but in the finished pieces the industrial image has gained a more organic impression.


I grew up in Umeå, Sweden, and studied at the Natural Science programme, convinced that I would become a doctor, but in 2003 I moved to Göteborg and started at the jewellery department at HDK. In 2010 we opened Four and since 2011 I’m managing the gallery.




My work is a reflection of my surroundings, and my creativity has its origin in the urban – in the rough surface of the city and in the structured geometric. I find my inspiration in pieces of metal, in the feeling of a heavy beat, and in an explosion of color from within the spray cans.

I was born and raised in Filipstad, Wermland, and have been living in Gothenburg since 2008, where I'm today working as a goldsmith and jewellery artist. I graduated from HVE-Goldsmith school, Falköping, SE, 2017, and took my BFA in Jewelry art 2011, at School of Design and Crafts, HDK, Gothenburg, SE, with an exchanges semester in Jewellery & Metalsmithing at Rhode Island School of Design, RISD, Providence, USA.




I grew up in Timrå, in middle Sweden. In 2002 I lived in Italy and discovered the world of jewellery. In 2003 I moved to Lerum to learn about silversmithing. And in 2008 I graduated from HDK. During my educations I’ve worked in stores selling fine jewellery and watches.

With passion for traditional crafts and new techniques I create my jewellery. Contrasts, colors and materials are constant challenges I love to explore. Jewellery must be compelling and evocative. And it is this spirit that I constantly try to instill in my design, creating exclusive and timeless jewellery.


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